Pest Control

Pest Control

Eliminate the presence of insects from your home or business! Good pest control requires proper application of pesticides, consistency of treatments and maintenance. The most common problem-pests in the greater Columbia area are: ants, roaches, palmetto bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, moths, earwigs, scorpions and silverfish. The EPA-approved pesticides used by Brett’s Pest Control’s technicians are designed to target all of those insects and more, without causing harm to people or pets.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the top method for prevention and management of pests for residential and commercial properties. The best results are achieved when the customer and the pest control company work together. Some key aspects to IPM are reducing moisture, correctly identifying pests, early detection of pests and maintaining a routine pest control schedule. Please read the tips below for some of the best ways to do your part in IPM.

Top 5 ways to keep your home or business pest-free
  1. Maintain a quarterly pest control schedule of one initial spray and three quarterly sprays per year.
  2. Do not use pine bark mulch near your home or business – this is a favorite food for some pests and nest for others! Instead, use cedar mulch, crushed brick or recycled rubber.
  3. Keep your home clean and uncluttered. Pests are attracted to even the smallest food particles, so keeping floors vacuumed and mopped and keeping kitchen countertops and sinks clean are very important in the fight against pests.
  4. Keep food sealed in airtight containers. It’s a good idea to transfer staples like flour and sugar from the paper bags they come in into sealed containers. Also be sure to store pet food, especially dog food and birdseed, in sealed containers.
  5. Keep your crawl space free of cardboard boxes and wood. Insects, especially roaches, will actually feed on the glue that holds cardboard boxes together. Any wood-to-ground contact beneath your home can act as a bridge for pests and wood-destroying insects, namely subterranean termites. Learn more about termites.

The Brett’s Pest Control Method

Brett has been doing pest control for 26 years and has learned what the best methods are for prevention and maintenance. He strongly recommends having your home or business sprayed on a quarterly schedule. Four times each year, a Brett’s Pest Control technician will spray your home or business inside, outside and in the garage, with the initial spray to include underneath if you have a crawl space. We will also be happy to treat any outbuildings or other structures in your yard. Once you begin on a quarterly schedule with Brett’s Pest Control you will receive reminder postcards each time it is time to schedule your next spray.

Brett’s Pest Control uses a variety of different pesticides that target household pests. All pesticides used at Brett’s Pest Control are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. There is a slight odor associated with most pesticides; however, we do offer a low-odor version for our customers who are more sensitive to smells. We also offer environmentally-friendly spray for those who request it.

Other Pests:

Brett’s Pest Control can help rid your property of household pests such as mice, rats, snakes, and bees or wasps. We will also happily put you in contact with specialists in animal removal.

*Learn more about Integrated Pest Management, including some extra tips from the Department of Pesticide Regulation, by visiting this site.

If you are experiencing a pest problem that is not addressed above, please call for more information.

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