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French Drains

For homes with standing water in the crawl space, the best option is often the installation of a French Drain. Our technicians will dig trenches, install piping and gravel, and in some cases install a sump pump to manage excess standing water. When we install a drain at a home which is under bond with BPC, termite retreatment of any soil that is disturbed that may affect the termite bond will be done at no extra charge to the homeowner. If a drain is installed or any other alterations are done to the treated soil by a company other than BPC, the homeowner is responsible for any necessary retreatment costs.

Vapor Barriers

Also called moisture barriers, a vapor barrier is plastic sheeting that helps prevent wood moisture from reaching destructive levels. The material is applied in the crawl space after the final grade is done and all debris from construction has been removed from the crawl space. Vapor barriers that are done on older homes need to be done in stages to reduce moisture slowly. If the crawl space is dried out too quickly issues may appear relating to cracks in tile grout and hardwood floors popping up.

CL-100 Inspections

The South Carolina Wood Infestation Report, or CL-100, is required by lending institutions when a mortgage will be acquired for the purchase of a home. The inspection focuses on detecting wood-destroying organisms such as beetles, termites, or bees; moisture; and the condition of the crawl space. The report, or letter, basically informs the lender of the condition of the structure at the time of inspection. The inspection only pertains to areas that are in the letter and that are accessible for inspection.

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